Kazue Taguchi optical sculpture

Kazue Taguchi

With this installation, we are able to become aware of the presence of nature, like when we contemplate the moon. Unfortunately, during our busy modern lives, we no longer have the luxury of turning to the light of the moon for comfort.

I would like to bring the viewers to a state of awe similar to looking at the reflected moon on the surface of the water and feeling as relaxed as sitting in the room and experiencing my work.

When I was nineteen years old, I traveled to ten countries in Europe. While there, it was in the solemn churches that I first saw stained glass and my aesthetic awakening occurred. The stained glass window is a dynamic painting, as its appearance is dependent on the quality of light that shines though its panes. Most of the windows I saw were figurative, but the projections they made on the wall and floors were abstract.

Currently I make my work by using reflective material and light. When light hits the surface, a complex interplay of reflections and shadows are created. The relationship between my work and my interest in reflection is the most exciting part of my creative research. Light is intangible and invisible, but its effect on our lives is profound. My interest in creating works with light is in experiencing the phenomenon of their visual qualities as well as in the in the creation of a relaxing and sublime space.

Kazue Taguchi

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