Kazue Taguchi – Baby Sky Mountain; traveling the world series

I travel to many places and everywhere I go I carry my travel companion: Baby Sky Mountain. I always take snapshots of the landscapes I see with Baby Sky Mountain in the frame. This piece captures the surrounding world like a patched landscape sculpture. The most exciting part of working with photographs is playing with the scale of Baby Sky Mountain: sometimes it looks giant and other times very small, depending on the composition of the picture.  This mirrored object shows how different things happening in one moment can be captured in one picture.

Kazue Taguchi Baby Sky Mountain

Mirror sculpture, Diameter 10”, height 5”

Artist Statement:  Currently, I make my work using reflective material and light. In the case of my outdoor pieces, I capture different “colorscapes” depending on the time of day. These reflective materials patch together and create new landscapes out of their natural surroundings. The relationship between my work and my interest in reflection is the most exciting part of my creative research. Like sound, memory, feeling and imagination, light is intangible and invisible, but its effect on our lives is profound. My interest in creating works with light is in experiencing the phenomenon of their visual qualities as well as in the creation of a relaxing and sublime space.