Image of pulse laser holograms of and created by the artists Ana Maria Nicholson and Rudie Berkhout

Holographic Collaborations

Ana Maria Nicholson and Rudie Burkhout

April 12 – May 17, 2008
HoloCenter Court Square Gallery

‘Holographic Collaborations’ is a series stunning self-portraits created at the Museum of Holography in 1989. The artists experimented with pulse laser illumination to create dramatic slithers of themselves that are intertwined yet hold their own space.

Ana Maria Nicholson and Rudie Berkhout are both prolific holographic artists who each shaped different genres of  the artform. Nicholson primarily works with portraiture, having created holograms of celebrities, spiritual leaders and diverse people. Her series ‘into the night’ captures the plight and power of women. Created in single and multiple pulse laser exposures, the women hold a space. Berkhout crafted with laser light, creating spatially animated landscapes from simple objects and optics. His work stood out in the field of holography, exploring the the concept of holo-kenectis through the optical spatial dynamics.

Part of the ‘Holographic Collaborations’ series of holograms was exhibited in ‘Interference:Coexistence’, Holocenter Clock Tower, NYC 2013

The series was then acquired  by The Jonathan Ross Hologram Collection with an exhibition at Gallery 286, London, 9th – 30th September, 2014