Sam Moree Gaugin's Eyepiece, 1980 multi-layered transmission hologram, 10 x 8” photograph of hologram that show overlaied botanic imagery


In this hologram by Sam Moree the visual space is extended with the overlapping of a variety of lenses to imagine how the artist Paul Gauguin saw. Viewing the piece Moree invites us to play with the idea of how we see within vision.

Sam Moree, Gauguin’s Eyepiece, 1980.
Multilayered transmission hologram, 10″ x 8”
On view at HOLOGRAPHIC EMBODIMENT (2019), HoloCenter on Governors Island

Sam Moree is an artist working with holography, video and sculpture for over 30 years. He was the co-founder of the New York Holographic Laboratories where he taught classes before joining the team at the Center for the Holographic Arts in 2001. Moree currently runs a weekly class for School of Visual Arts students from September to December each year. 

Moree is renowned for his sculptural pieces that incorporate holograms and his work with rainbow holography. In 1996 was awarded a fellowship at the Academy of Media Arts (KHM) Cologne, Germany. Some of Moree’s most notable exhibitions have been at Center Pompidou in 1985; the Kuntshalle Hamburg in 1987; the Museum of Holography in New York during 1992 and the Dali Museum in St Petersburg, Florida 1999.