Image of four holograms by artists Margaret Benyon, Rudie Berkhout; Ana Maria Nicholson and Dan Schwitzer

The Virtual Museum of Holography

The VMOH is a HoloCenter initiative to design an archive about all aspects of Holography, in Art, Science and Technology. We are establishing a permanent online archive of information that will be accessible to anyone with an internet connection – a major resource for anyone seeking to learn about this extraordinary medium. 

The VMOH will be home to two different ways of accessing information about Holography.  Anchored by a conventional website built on a vast database of information it will contain 2D images, 2D video, and text forming the foundational archive. This record of Holographic History will embrace the stories of the pioneers who have contributed to this medium and become a gateway to accessing a vast library of scientific and artistic information.

In addition, the VMOH is partnering with an innovative new company, who have the technology to create immersive experiences of holograms. You will enter the Virtual Museum of Holography through a portal on the conventional website and by donning a VR headset you will find yourself entering this architect-designed virtual museum. There you will explore exhibitions of holograms recorded using Light Field Technology. The Visby technology will stream the data into your field of view in the headset as the head tracker updates your position relative to the hologram. 

This technology will make it possible for audiences around the globe to experience holograms – a challenging endeavor in current times as there are so few exhibitions currently showing holograms.

The VMOH will have changing virtual exhibitions of fine art holography as well as permanent exhibitions about the science and the commercial applications of this medium. Exhibition openings will be experienced through Virtual Reality as well as other innovative technologies conferencing technologies. This will permit anyone anywhere in the world with an internet connection to participate. Many of these virtual exhibitions will also be available as traveling shows of the actual holograms in physical museums around the world through partnerships with the HoloCenter giving audiences the opportunity to view the actual optical holograms themselves. 

For more information contact Linda Law, VMOH Founder

Images of art holograms by Margaret Benyon; Rudie Berkhout; Ana Maria Nicholson and Sam Moree